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Aluminum Boat

Any aluminum fishing boat will come with all the basics you need to get the job done, but the enjoyment really increases when you start choosing accessories that help put the “fun” in functional.

There’s certainly no shortage of accessories to choose from and adding them to your boat really comes down to your personal preferences. There are a few fishing accessories for boat captains that you definitely want to have on hand, while others will just make your time on the water much more enjoyable.

So whether we’re talking about fishing boats or pontoon boats or even if you want the best jon boat accessories you can find, there are plenty of great boating accessories and products to choose from.

Best Accessories For Aluminum Boat in 2020

MSC Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover

Brionac Rechargeable LED Flashlight, Waterproof Flashlight

Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag

Let’s look at a few of the more popular fishing boat accessories that are in stock and available today in the United States:



MSC Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover

If you’ve invested in a fishing boat, you’re going to want to protect it in the best way you can. And having a good quality boat cover definitely makes a lot of sense.

These products will not only protect your boat from the weather, but will also offer a layer of protection from scratches and scrapes, birds and a wide number of other potential issues.



Brionac Rechargeable LED Flashlight, Waterproof Flashlight

There are certain safety accessories you don’t want to be without when out on your fishing boat, and a reliable waterproof flashlight is definitely one of them.

You may not need one of these products every day, but you definitely will from time to time. And the next time the skies turn dark unexpectedly or you’re out late in the day, it will likely be one of the most essential items in your storage box.



Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag

These are rather inexpensive accessories and you might not normally think of them. But the next time water gets in the boat and your clothes and other items get wet, you’ll likely be at the store buying one rather quickly.

Waterproof bags can protect your clothing, your cell phone and other electronics and even the food you bring with you. Having one or two on board is certainly worth the money!



Waterproof Boater's Dry Box

You’ll need some type of storage container to keep your flashlights, life vests, tools and other items that will need to be stored and kept out of the way.

Some storage boxes even include cup holders on the top, making them an even more efficient use of space.



Attwood 5100-24-1 All-Around Frosted Globe Light

Another item that falls into the safety accessories category, a good set of navigational lights is important when operating your boat in the evenings or early mornings. You could even combine them with an audio series for extra safety.

Small boats are generally required to have running lights, with white lights on the stern and either green or red lights on the bow. Check your local regulations to see what’s required in your jurisdiction.

Other Aluminum Boat Accessories

Repair Kits

Aluminum is strong, but it’s not indestructible. And when there is an issue, having a good repair kit on board could prove invaluable.

You never know when a quick fix or patch might be needed.

Bilge Pumps

If you get an unexpected amount of water in your boat, it’s always good to have a dependable bilge pump at the ready to help get it out as quickly as possible.

You can always do this by hand if you prefer, but a bilge pump will certainly make the job faster and cleaner.

Fish Finders

Some recreational fishermen claim that using a fish finder is cheating. But if your goal is to catch a lot of fish, these fishing boat accessories will definitely help you do that.

These accessories come in both hand held and mountable versions, so choose which one works best for you and have at it!


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