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Boat Horn

What are the Boat Horn Types?

A boat horn generally fall into one of two categories which have very a different price options and come in various audio series. Both items are loud and easy to use, you simply press a button and you’ll get a blast that can easily be heard for miles around. And that’s the point, if you want it to be loud enough to ensure all nearby boaters can hear you and that everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety.

A mellow or budget price boat horn really does you no good. If you’re out in the fog or need to warn another craft for any reason, you definitely want your horn to be loud enough to get their attention.

It should be noted that it’s also a good idea to have a whistle on board, just in case something does go wrong with your boat horn. A whistle is a good backup, and is also legally required to have, because you never know when something small like this could play a big role in your overall safety.

Top Boat Horn Leading Brands of 2021

So the first thing you’ll want to do when deciding what type of horn to install on your boat is actually take into account the size of your watercraft, and then buy the appropriate size horn for you. But the second thing you’ll need to do is learn what each different horn sound means, so you’ll know how to communicate effectively with other boaters out on the water.

This is extremely important, as it will ensure your safety and the safety of those out at sea with you. It’s a page system you may not need to use all that often, but it’s important to memorize for when it’s needed as it could mean the difference between life and death. And the latter is a price that no one wants to pay for a fun time out on the water.



Pactrade Marine Boat Horn

You require a louder, much more effective, as well as easy-to-maintain horn. The Pactrade Marine Watercraft Stainless-steel Dual Trumpet Horn Sturdy will most definitely fit your need. This horn features 2 heralds as well as it makes use of 12V power system.



Pactrade Marine RV Car Boat Horn

You do not require any kind of compressor to make the horn work. It appropriates for setup on most boat, RV as well as even vehicles and also made to stand any type of weather condition.



Amarine Made 12V Boat Horn

Engineered for exterior usage in almost any climate condition including fresh or salt water. Does not require a compressor or pipes, conserving money and time.



Viking Boat Horn

All “Viking Horns” items lug a minimal guarantee of year, when appropriately installed and utilized under typical problems, and also to be free from problems in craftsmanship and also materials from the date of the initial purchaser of the product.



Marinco 12V Boat Air Horn

Watercraft part number 1019450 is a brand-new trumpet mini air horn from AFI, component number 11117. This 12 Volt, 20 Amp trumpet mini air horn is created out of chrome plated brass, per manufacturer.

The same as with automobiles out on the open road, all boats are required to have some type of horn or other sound producing device for safety reasons when out at sea.

Horns for boats come in many different shapes and sizes, and at different price points. But whether it’s an air horn or a fog horn, or any other items, all play an important role in boat safety.

But while using a horn in your car is fairly straightforward, using a boat horn can be a bit more complex due to the different meanings associated with them, as well as sounds made by these items.

What size of boat horn do I need?

In America, the size of your boat horn is regulated by navigation rules mandated by the United States Coast Guard, which states that all vessels more than 40 feet long be equipped with at least a whistle.

Additionally, boats more than 65 feet long must have at least a whistle and a bell, while craft more than 328 feet long must be equipped with a whistle, a bell and a gong.

It’s important to realize, however, that these regulations don’t require those specific items, just that your craft is capable of making those types of sounds.

Horns and other sound producing items, also by order of the Coast Guard, must be audible for a least a half-mile.

When out looking at air horns for sale, it’s always a good idea to look for one that has the Coast Guard stamp of approval. This way, you can be 100 percent certain that what you’re buying is in accordance with these regulations.

How much does a boat horn cost?


As you can probably imagine, bell horns and other sound producing devices can fall anywhere within a considerable price range.

Some aqua signal horns are relatively inexpensive, while many boat air horns are much higher in price. Just take into account what it is that you need for your particular craft, and shop accordingly.

Even consider looking on Amazon Prime Prime for a better price, as well as free shipping and payment products, especially if you’re a new customer.

But if you’re shopping for aqua signal horns at a traditional boating supply store, page customer service for price options. Even consider opening up a new account and providing an email address, which might get you a better price.

How is a boat horn used for communication?

This is the main purpose of boat horns and there are multiple sound signals that you can relay to other boaters via your horn. It’s kind of like a special language known just by boat owners, with everyone on the same page when needed.

Horn signals are composed of short and long bursts, short ones lasting around one second and long ones lasting between four and six seconds.

These signals are used for two main reasons, either to inform another boater of where you intend to go or, in poor weather conditions, to indicate both position and direction to other boaters who may be in the area.

There are many different messages you can convey by using your boat horn and you’ll want to master these before spending any time out on the water, for safety reasons.


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