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Nitro Boat Accessories

Nitro boats have been around since the 1960s in the USA, while its Nitro boat accessories come around in the late 70s. This company is known as a top manufacturer of high performance fiberglass fishing boats. Nitro even has a relationship now with Bass Pro Shops, maximizing its exposure.

Nitro Boats manufactures several different types of boats and boat parts, boasting a number of features and representing several different lines and series. But all fishermen really care about is that the Nitro name stands for quality, and that a Nitro boat will provide them with what they need for a good day out on the water.

But to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your fiberglass fishing boat, you’ll want to go beyond just buying the actual Nitro watercraft. There are tons of boat parts and Nitro boat accessories that can make your time away from home bigger and better, ranging from the small and obvious to larger items that aren’t essential, but are awful nice to have on board.

Let’s begin by telling you about a few products that you’re definitely going to want to have for your Nitro boat, then we’ll also tell you about a few of the fun boat parts and choices that are available.

Best Nitro Boat Accessories in 2021

StormPro Heavy Duty Outboard Ski-Boat Cover

Naviskin Bimini Top Cover

Watersnake Mount Trolling Motor



StormPro Heavy Duty Outboard Ski-Boat Cover

To protect your Nitro boat from the elements when not in use, you’re definitely going to want a quality cover. There are many available for purchase, some custom made and some that can simply be bought as is, but having a good cover is definitely a “must have” for your Nitro boat



Naviskin Bimini Top Cover

To stay protected from the sun during long days out on the water, you’re also going to want to invest in a bimini top for your Nitro boat. As boat parts go, this is as close to a necessity as you’re going to get.

These come in many different sizes and colors, so gather the information you need, ask a customer service representative if you need to, and choose a top that you’re definitely happy with.



Watersnake Mount Trolling Motor

Any avid fisherman will tell you that having a quality trolling motor is invaluable for maximizing your daily catch before heading home at the end of the day.

Try to find one that’s as quiet as possible and is fairly simple to use. You might even consider a trolling motor for your Nitro boat that can be operated by your feet, keeping your hands free for the fish



MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

These aren’t essential for keeping your Nitro boat in good working order, but having one will more than pay for itself over time.

Buy a good one for keeping a change of clothes, electronics like cell phones, video games and even food that you want to keep dry during the course of the day on your Nitro boat.



Coleman Rolling Cooler

Having a good cooler box on board your Nitro boat actually satisfies a couple of important needs.

First, it’s a great place for keeping your bait and your catch during the day. But it’s also an ideal spot on your Nitro boat for keeping drinks nice and cold, and what better way to make your fishing trip even better than by having a cold beer ready anytime you’re in the mood?

Just be sure your cooler box can be tied down and secured, to make sure that it doesn’t go flying around your Nitro boat at inopportune times.

Other Nitro Boat Accessories

Fisherman's Life Jacket

There are life jackets made specifically for fishermen in the USA, and you’ll definitely want to have a few on board during your next fishing trip.

One of the must have Nitro boat accessories, are these quality life jackets have a number of great features, including several pockets for keeping all kinds of items safe and secure when out on your Nitro boat. Not to mention the fact that they could save your life, should things get dicey out on the water, and allow you to get home safely at the end of the day.


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