Boat Dock Accessories

When you return home after a productive day on the water, there’s nothing better than having a functional and well constructed dock waiting for you. It’s much more than a luxury, it’s a necessity really.

And no two boat docks are exactly the same, that is unless you buy a “Dock in a Box” kit from a qualified vendor.

But whether your dock is free standing, floating or rolling, there are all different types of dock accessories and products available today that will help you in improving the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your boat dock.

Best Accessories for Boat Dock in 2020

Extreme Max 3005.3473 Flip-Up Dock Ladder

JACKYLED B00M4ZTS84 Solar 8-Pack Dock Light

Extreme Max Aluminum Dock & Patio Bench

What are the Most Popular Boat Dock Accessories?

There are literally dozens of different dock accessories you can choose from when outfitting your docks in the most efficient way possible.

Dock products and accessories range from small to large, from inexpensive to expensive and from functional to things that are simply nice to have around. But whatever accessories you want to add to your boat dock, just remember to do your homework and choose wisely.

Some of the more popular boat dock accessories include:



Extreme Max 3005.3473 Flip-Up Dock Ladder

Floating docks need a good ladder or two, allowing you to easily exit your watercraft and safely transfer to the dock. The good news here is that there is no shortage of good ladders to choose from.

Several quality choices are readily available, many that are sure to be in your price range.



JACKYLED B00M4ZTS84 Solar 8-Pack Dock Light

When you’re coming in from the water late in the day, having your dock illuminated with lights will make your trip to shore a whole lot easier.

Dock lights can be as simple as string lighting that can be turned on and off as needed or as complex as motion activated lighting that illuminates the entire area any time movement is detected.

Just determine what will best suit your needs, check our store prices and special financing options, if needed, and then purchase and install the lighting that’s best for you and your dock.




Extreme Max Aluminum Dock & Patio Bench

It’s always a good idea to have somewhere to sit when coming in from a busy day on the water. Maybe you want to separate your catch, or just sit and have a cold beer on the dock before heading home for the day?

Whatever the case may be, having a bench and/or box on the dock is a great idea.



Storage Rack Solutions Indoor or Outdoor Kayak Rack

If you have a kayak, a canoe, a stand up paddle board or similar items, having a place to store them on the dock can really make your life a whole lot easier.

It will prevent you from having to take things to and from your home, while also allowing you to get on and off the water a lot faster.




Bird B Gone Spinning Spider Bird Deterrent

These systems are designed to keep birds, and their droppings, away from your dock as much as possible.

These accessories are usually composed of fabric that flaps in the wind, at heights designed to keep birds away from the area.