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Electric Anchor Winch

What is the best type of electric anchor winch?

An electric anchor winch allow you to simply push a button on a wireless remote and have your nylon rope and anchor weight removed from the water with relative ease. You won’t even break a sweat, even if you have 100 feet of rope, and you’ll be able to dedicate much more time to doing what you came out on the boat to do – whatever that may be. I mean, why spend time and effort turning a crank or hauling up rope by hand if you don’t need to? Every fishing or pontoon boat should have an anchor winch, which are relatively affordable outdoor products that can easily be added to your watercraft.
A good 12 volt electric anchor winch can easily handle lowering and raising your boat’s anchor weight in mere seconds and without a whole lot of effort on your part. But there are a number of different products on the market today, each with its own unique features, so you’ll want to determine which one is best for you, your anchor and your boat, as well as your price range.

There’s plenty of information on electric anchor winch available online, so spend a couple of hours and learn all you can about these important outdoor products. Then take the leap and purchase the one you feel best suits your needs.

Top Electric Anchor Winch 2020

Is a windlass the same thing as an electric anchor winch?

Borrowing on an old comparison, all windlasses are winches but not all winches are windlasses. Technically speaking, windlasses can only be horizontal winches. So vertical anchor winches can not technically be referred to using this terminology. The latter are products that are special versions of anchor winches, but they’re different in a few ways, including price. An anchor winch is usually powered via either hydraulic or electric power, while their counterparts are machines that are hydraulically actuated.

Winches are mechanical instruments that handle the winding up or winding out of the anchor rope, using a rotating portion that is turned by cables or ropes. The horizontal variety is used for lifting the anchor and anchoring mooring lines on the boat and they’re usually comprised of components that include an anchor chain wheel, a base, a brake, a gearbox and others.



Pontoon Electric Anchor Winch

Electric Anchor Winch will power up and down your anchor with anti-reverse internal clutch to prevent free-spooling.



MinnKota Deckhand Electric Anchor Winch

Added sturdy anchor line makes a great anchor rode for almost any type of boat



Anchorzone 20 Anchor Winch

Easily hold your watercraft in the desired Anchor Area.Securing made straightforward Power UP/Power DOWN.Raise and lower your support with one finger.



Trac Angler Electric Anchor Winch

TRAC Angler 25 AutoDeploy Our most recent Anchor Winch has Touch and also Launch TRAC AutoDeploy.With the touch of a button (press and also launch), the support is powered down efficiently and also silently, while you set about your boating task.



Pactrade Marine Anchor Winch

This is a simple and also smooth electric anchor winch power backwards and forwards your anchor with anti-reverse internal clutch to avoid free spooling.It features high effectiveness 12 volt equipment motors that make use of much less battery power than various other makes.

Again, this answer will be different for all and is best suited to your individual needs. But generally speaking, you’re going to want to choose between either a vertical anchor winch, also called a capstan, or a horizontal anchor winch.  Taking into account the size of your boat and its planned activity will help you decide which type is best for you, while remaining in your allocated price range.

Horizontal winches use an integral gearbox and motor assembly, as well as a horizontal shaft and wheels for test nylon rope on either side. Vertical winches, or capstans, utilize a vertical shaft, with the motor, gearbox and other hardware located below the anchor winch unit itself.

A main advantage to horizontal winches is that they’re generally more self-contained.  This protects the machinery from many of the hazards found on boats. The machinery of vertical winches, or capstans, on the other hand, can be placed below deck. This lowers the center of gravity and also allows a better angle for pulling the rope and anchor up onto the boat.

Generally speaking, capstans can usually be found on smaller boats, with windlasses much more popular on larger boats. But while this is the most common use for these products, however, it’s anything but a rule that’s set in stone for these and other outdoor products.

Just determine what price range is best for you, your anchor capacity and what you’d most like to employ on your boat, and go from there.

Do I really need an electric anchor winch?

As we already mentioned, you don’t technically need a boating winch in order to drop and then later retrieve your anchor. You could be the sentimental type and want to fish the way your ancestors did, before the invention of motorized anchor winches and other outdoor products and hardware.

But electric boat winch products are going to save you a ton of time, as well as a lot of unnecessary work. You’ll likely find that they’re well worth the price.

Hoisting and retrieving your anchor and anchor rope with the mere push of a button allows you to spend more time doing what you love to do, and isn’t that the reason you’re out on your boat in the first place?

Can you imagine how long it would take to retrieve 100 feet of rope, and your anchor, by hand and what you could be doing during that time?  It’s much better to use a wireless remote, or even a corded remote, and let the winch do the work.

You can’t put a price on this treasured time out on your boat, so why not make the most of it by taking advantage of modern equipment. The satisfaction from using an electric anchor winch comes and goes, but it’s never forgotten.

Any avid boater or fisherman will tell you that time out on the boat is precious, moments that are looked forward to in between the responsibilities and the stress of everyday life.

So when you’re finally out on the boat, the last thing you want to do is waste time doing tasks that can be performed much easier and simpler with the right products, hardware and equipment.

And that’s the category electric anchor winches fall into. Are they absolutely essential to performing needed tasks out on the water? Well no, but they can and will make your day a whole lot better for a pretty reasonable price.

It’s like flying first class for the first time, or staying in a balcony room on a cruise ship. Once you’ve done so, you’ll never want to go back to the way things were, even if the price is a little bit higher.


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