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Trolling Motor

A trolling motor is an electric motor for boat owners that’s used primarily on fishing boats, pontoon boats and other small watercraft. They generally run on 12 volt batteries that charge relatively quickly and last for a good amount of time.
They use electric current to create a magnetic field that powers the motor in the propeller hub, turning the propeller and powering the boat through the freshwater or the saltwater. These types of trolling motors are frequently turned on and off, usually running for just a few seconds at a time to either slowly maneuver the boat via thrust or to hold the boat steady in one particular area. This boat electric motor is made up of several components, which include the power head on top of the motor assembly, the shaft that connects the power head and propeller hub, the watertight propeller hub that houses the electric motor and the propeller shaft, and the propellers themselves, which can have anywhere from two to four blades.
Electric trolling motors are usually either bow-mount or transom-mount motors and are battery powered, while control and thrust is usually achieved via hand, foot pedal or remote control.

Top Trolling Motors of 2021

What does the trolling motor do?

Electric trolling motors are located on either the bow or the stern of the boat and are used primarily for easing the boat through the water while making as little noise as possible.

This is an important distinction, because the last thing you want is to be out on the water fishing and making so much noise that you spook the fish.

The quieter you are, the more fish you’re likely to catch. And isn’t that the point of a fun day out with your friends and/or family members?

Having a good quality trolling motor will certainly help in that regard.

How do I know what size trolling motor to buy?

This largely depends on the size and, more importantly, the weight of your boat, as well as how much control you want to have in different situations. Having this information easily at your disposal will help greatly when you’re at the store and determining what size trolling motor to buy among several different products.

Customer service can help to some extent, but it’s best if you have the correct information handy and you’re not just making your best guess as to the size and weight of your boat.

A good industry standard to go by is that you want two pounds of thrust in your motor for every 100 pounds of boat weight. So if you have a 2,000 pound boat, you’re going to want to look at electric boat motors with 40 pounds of thrust.

When in doubt, ask a customer service representative at your favorite boating store for assistance in choosing among the different types of trolling motors, as well as other products for your boat.



Goplus Electric Trolling Motor

Ideal for infatable boat, angling boat, wood boat, plastic boat.To save your power and also make you totally concentrate on your job.



Watersnake Trolling Motor

Salt water motor with anti-corrosive paint and stainless-steel exterior & interior parts enable you to take this electric motor right into fresh, brackish as well as salt water without worry.High and reduced rate/ Forward and Turn Around Switch Over/ Fixed Tiller.



SEAMAX 24V Trolling Motor

Great option Seamax high thrust models. Superb performance for lake or off coast use.Seamax trolling electric motors come with updated modern technology as well as over commercial requirement to build.



Motorguide X3 Trolling Motor

Fishermen aren’t simply various from the rest of the globe.They’re different from each other.That’s why MotorGuide provides trolling electric motors for a wide range of anglers, boats as well as angling designs.



Minn Kota Maxxum 24V Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Maxxum 70 Bowguard 360 Foot Bow-Mount Trolling Electric Motor, 24V, 42″/ 52″ Shafts.Runs longer.Plays Tougher.Makes fishing easier.Lots of versions to pick from with the appropriate features for your angling style.

How fast will a trolling motor go?

This seems like it would be a difficult question to answer, but it’s actually quite simple.

Regardless of the thrust, the maximum a trolling motor will go is five miles per hour. Remember, a trolling motor is not designed for speed, but rather to glide quietly through the water with a great deal of control.

Your regular outboard motor will take care of the speed for you. Trolling motors are products that are designed for something completely different, and that’s moving slowly and quietly through the freshwater sea and/or the saltwater ocean.

What’s the best trolling motor to buy?

This really depends on you and your own specific wants and needs, as well as the size of your boat.

Trolling motors come in many different shapes and sizes. There are many makes and models of electric trolling motors to choose from, so it’s best to do a quick internet search and research what products are available to you.

Also keep in mind what type of water you’re going to be fishing or boating in, specifically how choppy it may be and how much control you want to have.

Gather all of this relevant information, so you can make an informed choice among several different types of motors.

Do I really need a trolling motor?

To answer this question, you need to have a clear idea of what it is you’re going to be doing, as well as what type of boat you have and how many people will be joining you.

Trolling motors are products that are perfect when you want the maximum amount of control over your boat, especially when you don’t want to start the main outboard engine. If you’re fishing, imagine how the fish will react to hearing all of this sudden noise if you do start your engine? You might as well just start over completely in another spot.

Both saltwater motors and freshwater trolling motors allow you to stay in one spot when fighting against the current, giving you the maximum amount of control when you don’t want to deploy an anchor.

In other words, these electric motors for boats are products that have several advantages and can be extremely useful when out on the open sea.


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